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Κουφώματα αλουμινίου | Πόρτα αλουμινίου
Πέργκολα Τρίπλεξ Τζαμαρία Αλουμινίου

We provide a wide range of products including Energy Saving Aluminium Systems above and beyond your needs.

We are authorised EXALCO partners devoted to innovation and development.

Our company provides quality, aiming for the highest standards of our services.  

Πόρτα Αλουμινίου

Our specialized crew undertakes the repair  your old or damaged door and window frames or their replacement with new technology window systems and doors.


Exalco offers complete solutions for all construction projects, ready to perform any architectural concept, aiming high standards. We follow a strict policy while fulfilling your expectations, holding CE certification for our products.


The Company

Antalumin with over 40 years of experience in aluminium systems and specilized metal constructions, aims at high quality services in order to protect and create your ideal habitation or  business environment. Unique work and constructions to stay intact through the passage of time.


We specialize with aluminium systems and armour safety doors, rolls for doors and windows as well as specialized metal constructions, metal buildings, stairs and inox railings. 


Our EXALCO thermal aluminum profiles provide the most effective thermal insulation, blocking the heat or cold, reducing the cost of heating or cooling, creating a satisfactory home & business experience. 

Sound, heat, cold and moisture now can all be left outside, with the new EXALCO Economy Aluminium Systems providing a guaranteed investment. Note that all our products are manufactured and delivered with strict specifications and are subject to inhouse testing delivering high end design with unlimited possibilities.

Visit our new showroom in Acharnes where we present a wide variety of aluminium systems in a variety of colours and texture combining efficiency with aesthetics.


Technical Support


Τζαμαρία Συρόμενη Κουφώματα Αλουμινίου


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